Friday, April 26, 2013

Samsung - Los Angeles

Last October our creative efforts were concentrated in the greater Los Angeles area producing still and motion based visuals for Samsung via San Francisco based Turner Duckworth.  The project was one largest of 2012, launching us into the familiar world of product, people and environments all swirling together amid a wide range of Samsung based technology.  TV's, tablets, phones, and appliances were central elements we worked in and around, seeking authentically genuine moments through our documentary "story-telling" approach to image capture.

One of the main themes for this shoot was "moments of discovery" in which we were exploring the reactions to situations and products within a scene.  It's always a continual challenge in the pursuit of crafting custom imagery and perhaps Turner Duckworth Design Director - Brian Steele said it best when asked for a quote to describe the process:  'Constantly thinking of ways to make any shot better, Jonathan embraces collaboration. He has a great understanding of when to abandon an angle or setup, and when to mine deeper to achieve the best possible results. With a great feeling for light and composition, he has an uncanny knack for pulling an honest moment out of a staged scenario.'

The crew count was quite sizeable and inevitably there were a lot of moving parts to coordinate.  With any project, big or small, it's always important to have the right people in place to help bring every detail to life.  One of the main details of this production was the constant prescence of the color "Samsung Blue" being woven throughout each and every scene through wardrobe and propping.

Although the main focus was on still photography, we brought on a Los Angeles based DP and A/C to capture many of the same scenes.  In between shots we also had one of our crew members filming behind the scenes footage with crew commentary specific to the productionKeep an eye out for the companion, motion edit which will debut soon on the blog, coinciding with the launch of our new JCP branding and website.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Martin Patrick 3 Lifestyle - Short Film

We are proud to present the short film "A Martin Patrick 3 Lifestyle," a poetic narrative produced for the Minneapolis based men's clothing and accessories boutique Martin Patrick 3.  The film premiered in Minneapolis' warehouse district on the evening of April 11th as part of the pre-party for ENVISION: Artopia.   

Another fine creative endeavor from start to finish, made possible by the incredible efforts and generous contributions of the JCP team and colleagues:

Jonathan Chapman - Director of Photography
Ravi Katkar - Principal Talent  
Chadwick Nelson, Splice  - Editor
Tanya Silver - Producer
Sam Trewick - Styling, Art Department, Poster + Promo Design
Ashlee Ellert - Hair + Make-up
Eric Schleicher - 2nd Camera Operator
John Fontana - Location Sound Mixer
Patrick Meehan - Boom Operator
Nathaniel Schmidt - AC / Continuity + Promotional  
Michael Sandness, Splice - Colorist
Kelly Pieklo, Splice - Sound Designer / Mixer
Coelement - Motion Graphics
Flashlight Photo Rental - Lighting / Grip
Emily Pritchard - The Social Lights
Bryce Bordenkecher - JCP for MP3 Event Photography
Excerpt from Tennessee Williams "The Glass Menagerie"


Monday, April 1, 2013

Behind the Lens - MN Twins "Winter Baseball"

"Opening Day means spring. It means, literally, an opening: of buds spreading and jackets unbuttoning; of little birds' mouths gaping; of rubber bands being released from neat's-foot-oiled baseball mitts that have been held tight around a ball all winter."  Frank Deford

The timing of a pitch, a swing of the bat, and the sliding of a runner into a base all speak to the rhythms that begin to reawaken our baseball senses at this time of year.  Today is opening day for major league baseball and this afternoon the MN Twins ball club will be in full stride towards securing their first win of the season.  Here at JCP it is also opening day for a new behind the scenes segment called "Behind the Lens."

From our post on March 21st when we introduced the project for the MN Twins Community Fund, "Winter Baseball," via Martin Williams, we showed the :60 edit and today we are pleased to share our first "Behind the Lens" of that same project.  We would like to thank all of the people who made this happen from the first meeting at Martin Williams to the brisk shoot day out on the ice, to opening day.  We all put forth our best efforts and would like to take a moment to thank everyone listed in the credits along with a special thanks to: Tanya Silver; Heather Blackford; Matt Nelson; Eric Schleicher; Tasty Lighting; and Picture Factory.

Thanks to Patrick Meehan for capturing the behind the scenes footage and Nathaniel Schmidt here at JCP for putting it all together.