Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter's hook, line, and sinker...

After another great year of collaboration with the invoko team, we would like to look back and pay homage to our roots-Unfolding Forms. Several years ago around this time when the ice was thick and the snow was deep, we set out to capture the unique perspectives of an age old tradition in the northern part of the midwest. Our project, "The Life of a Minnesota Ice fisherman," combined the talents of Nathan Strandberg-EightHourDay; Dave Schroeder-Pilotvibe and myself to produce a multimedia piece that was fresh, interactive, and approachable in a slightly unconventional way.

As the former name implies, our current collective is indeed a transition from the old and will hopefully continue to be an unfolding form as we are about to embark upon the new year. Here's to a past project, one that has been a cornerstone--opening doors to new people and places.

Best to all of us in the creative community and the road ahead...

Happy Holidays from all of us here at JCP.